She is:
Marcel sagt:
murder, slut, hated, demon, ghost, bitch,
devil,hard2handle, special, unnatural, interesting,
crazy,hard2understand, impossible2get, unbelievable,
treasure,angry, stupid, beautiful, mercyless, strong,
weak, lonely,lovely, seksy, juicy, intellectfull, crank, broken,
perfect fixed,impressive, dying, crying, loughing, funny,
retard, jackass,meanful. BEST FRIEND

was die anderen sagen ist mir egal. xD

was ich sage: komisch, schwer zu vertsehn, laut,
eigensinnig, stur, n bisschen verrückt, verliebt, leicht zu be-
kommen,nicht konsequent, vergesslich, faul, nicht grade hüpsch,
arschlochin Person,verrückt nach schuhen, todessüchtig,
musik is my boyfriend <33, immer am lachen,
&&nd ochjoah, das wars xD

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She Loves
_♥_Patrick Star
_♥_Funeral for a Friend
_♥_Black colored Eyes
_♥_goin' outside without make-up on
_♥_watching movies
_♥_'wenn deine Spezies überlebt, dann klatsch2x'
_♥_Kissing boys, kissing girls <-whatever.
_♥_Johnny Depp
_♥_Matt Good
_♥_ Mike Dirnt
_♥_Chibi (the Birthday Massacre)
_♥_taking Pictures
_♥_Dirty Dancing
_♥_Marcel [my best friend]
_♥_Senses Fail
_♥_Rise Against
_♥_As i Lay Dying
_♥_Head Automatica
_♥_The song 'Rock&nRoll Queen'
_♥_Guitars & guys playing guitar xD
_♥_skater & skating
_♥_ bein'hurt ['bin ich nur glücklich wenn es schmerzt?
Böhse Onkelz']
_♥_Raab Himself<333
_♥_Puzzles [tried to do one with 1ooo pieces, but i failed]
_♥_my Bed
_♥_&so on xD i think its too much xD

She Hates
These fukkin Kids who tells: don't label me!
Stop crying that you get called Goth Punk or Emo.
You knew dressing or handle that way will get you called out,
so put the fuck up with it, looser.
_x_ Sluts; These Girls who want to look exactly like a
Poster or Pinup Girl.Fuck you!
_x_Myspace; Add your friends & become popular in your head, omg.
_x_Kids that think Sonny Moore is hotter than Matt Good.
I mean, would Matt Good sing, no one would give a damn about Sonny.
_x_Shaking Fotos; if u look that ugly don't even take pictures.
_x_Preppy Whores; no need to explain that. If u listen to
TH or Taking Back Sunday and call yourself
emo or Punk you know who i mean.
_x_Stupid Comments like: Go, cut your wrists, Emo.
LOL? Go and take a shot through your Head, wannabe.
_x_dumbasses who do a lot of tests to find out what they are
_x_Scene Kids; silly enough if u like the music but u don't need to
make yourself into a posterboy for every emotrend that exists
_x_Idiots who add People to Friends lists just because getting added back.


geh doch!
schreib doch!
ich bin...

sounds like:

sksk-comes without saying
babyshambles-fuck forever
soko-i'll kill her

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